LeMond is more than just the most famous name in American cycling – his Revolution stationary trainer design is just that – revolutionary. No other bicycle trainer gets as close to a true road riding feel, from a sense of momentum and friction to accurate shifting loads.

When not on the road, Rally Cycling relies on LeMond Revolution trainers. A direct-drive bike trainer that integrates directly with the bike’s drive train. By simply removing the rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, it replaces the need for mushy, slippery tire-to-roller connections, while eliminating wheel wear and tear. The LeMond Revolution replicates the inertia of a rolling bicycle, offering progressive resistance that provides the feel of true road riding indoors.

Designed for Greg LeMond in the early 1980’s along with a Russian physicist, the original trainer was a key part of Greg’s fitness program at the time, enabling him to train effectively in the wet, cold conditions of Northern Europe. Re-designed, and re-engineered, the Revolution is now the official trainer of Rally Cycling. Setup is simple, just remove your rear wheel and attach your frame to the stable and adjustable base of the Revolution. lemondbicycles.com

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